• To produce globally competent technical skilled manpower with ability to take the responsibilities of society.


  ·         To offer skilled education to cater to the needs of the industry and society.

  ·         To mould our students to be disciplined, competent and socially responsible skilled workers who will be assets to our nations human resource pool.

  ·         To equip the institute with modernized machinery & equipment to impart vocational skill with a view of better employability in existing time.

  ·         To establish, maintain and continuously improve our Quality Management System.

  ·         To create feedback mechanism about our performance and emerging trends in industry.

  • To help school dropouts and people from socially & economically weaker sections of society to set up their own enterprises by providing non-formal short-term vocational training.

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide:

  ·         Quality educational services for all-round development of personality.

  ·         Quality technical education relevant to industry.

  ·         Man-making and character-building education to produce enlightened citizens.



1. Students seeking admission for formal training in the Industrial training institute at the certificate level.

2. School dropouts and wards of socially and economically weaker sections/women willing to pursue skill development  through non-formal training under short-term programmes.

3. Industries