Grievance Redress Mechanism



·           To define the procedure for complaint handling and to provide suitable action against the complaint recorded.




·           This procedure details the methodology to handle any complaint that may arise among the trainee’s in Govt. ITI.




·           Vice Principal is responsible to implement this procedure in with coordination with other personnel for action as required.




·           Trainees in Govt. ITI are free to express their complaint and have access to the complaint handling committee to express their complaint. Trainees are also allowed to express their complaint through the suggestion boxes available in the institute.


·           The complaints received are recorded in the grievance register irrespective of whether they are received orally or in writing.


·           The Vice Principal or his equivalent carries out a preliminary analysis of the received complaint. The complaint handling committee is also involved during this analysis.


·           Based on the initial analysis remedial action is taken keeping in mind the nature of the problem. It is ensured that the actions taken are informed to all parties concerned.


·           The Vice Principal / complaint handling committee members are responsible to co-ordinate to ensure that the requirements relating to solving the complaint are available as required.


·           A summary of the complaint and actions taken is provided to the MR for the review during the management review meeting.


·           In case of any disputes arising or if there is refusal to accept the resolution provided, even when addressed at the MRM, the issue is escalated to the Principal, whose decision is considered final.


·           Govt. ITI ensures that the trainees recording / registering his / her complaint is provided all protection and fair treatment and not discriminated in any way.


·           Records of the corrective actions taken are maintained.





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b)    Quality System Manual – 7.1, 7.5.1, 7.5.3, 7.5.5



·           This procedure describes the mechanisms to implement disciplinary measures at Govt. ITI, Ettumanoor




·           This procedure applies to all trainees studying at Govt. ITI, Ettumanoor


·           When any trainee is found indulged in activities which may affect the smooth functioning  of the institute, disciplinary action maybe initiated against such trainees as per the guidelines  prescribed in the training manual .  In such event the disciplinary committee will investigate into such actions and recommend disciplinary action to be initiated by the principal.




·         Principal




Disciplinary committee


·           The disciplinary committee shall consist of the Principal, Vice Principal, Senior Superintendent,  Administrative officer ,Group Instructors,  President & Treasurer of the PTA,  Staff secretary , three representatives from the staff organizations , Women representative, trainees,  Council advisor, and HIS.


·           The written complaint is to be preferred to the principal. The trainees shall prefer the complaint to the principal through the concerned instructor.


·           The Principal shall authorize a group instructor to conduct a detailed investigation to submit a report on the complaint.


·           The report is tabled before the disciplinary committee. After thorough study of the report, the committee shall submit the same before the principal for suitable action as recommended.


·           The principal shall execute the recommendation of the committee as per the guideline prescribed in the training manual.


·           The disciplinary committee can be convened for further course of action and for smooth running of the institute.




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